About Vulcan Training, Our Story, Our Values and our Brand Promise

About Us


Vulcan Training launches their exciting brand of incident management, operational and preparedness specific training in 2017.

Training is the inspiration, the kick start you need to develop and grow. It is the vital beginning of a process. Training must deliver on this promise, or else it fails you, and sets up the unwanted position of only learning by mistakes or learning on the go.

Vulcan Training was born out of partner company Vulcan Wildfire Management. We share the same value statement of ‘Professionalism Born of Passion’ which is at the heart of what drives Vulcan Training. The ‘brain’ of the company is based on strong systems and training courses designed with exceptional detail, latest trends and specific outcomes.

We want you to be inspired by what you learn and be driven forward by this positive energy. Your training process must also be about knowledge, understanding and developing a base from which you can start to grow in your role or position. All of our ‘life stories’ are based on experiences. We want you to take part in the Vulcan Training experience so that we can help you achieve personal growth and excellence.

Our Values

Be a Leader, Be a Mentor

Work Hard, Work Smart

Integrity and Trust, Always

Listen, Be Humble

Relationships are Important

Learning Never Ends

Our Promise


Vulcan Training offers you a training experience of the highest quality. Our passionate and experienced course facilitators combined with contemporary training systems deliver premium outcome-based training.

Your process from start to finish is professional, hassle free and rewarding.

Our Directors

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan


SA: + 27 (0)82 938 0090
email: patrick@vulcantraining.co.za

Ryan Heydenrych

Ryan Heydenrych


SA: + 27 (0)83 969 7776
email: ryan@vulcantraining.co.za