Fireline Safety Training
– Group Training


1 Day


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*Wildfire Training
*Wildfire & Interface Operational Experience


Starting from *R750 per person (2019 price)
*Starting price excludes venue, catering and any disbursements. An optimum solution will be discussed with you to meet your training needs.

Course Description

Vulcan Training Fireline Safety Training by offers a contemporary course which
– challenges you to be better, empowers you to be safer.

  • Reawaken to the ever-present hazards; no one is immune to accidents.
  • Be mindful of safety practices and don’t become complacent.
  • Understand how accidents occur; learn from others and recent incidents.
  • Ensure you are a team of people with safety as a common goal.
  • Recognise & mitigate risk, maintain safe practices, reduce accidents & near misses.

Fireline Safety Training presented by Vulcan Training offers participants an engaging environment in which they can take a fresh look at their approach to safety. The course offers a positive and neutral environment giving participants the confidence to reflect on their past experiences and help them look to future operations from a more informed position. The wildfire environment is dynamic and extremely challenging; Fireline Safety Training helps to heighten the approach to situational awareness and to be
mindful of all aspects of safety impacting the individual and the team.

This must do Fireline Safety Training is required for all personnel participating in wildland firefighting and those who may be subject to assignments on or near the fireline. The intent of the training is to focus line-going, decision-making and support personnel on all issues related to fireline hazards and safety. This training is perfectly structured to form part of annual health and safety training as it ensures that participants have information regarding current initiatives, lessons learned from the past fire season and critical issues for the upcoming fire season.

Course Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall and refresh safety procedures, processes and triggers.
  • Show an understanding of how safety processes impact safety.
  • Reflect on past incidents and near misses in order to learn from them, share experiences with
    others and give consideration to preventing similar incidents from occurring.
  • Through heightened attentiveness to safety, be in an optimal position to safeguard yourself, crew
    members, other emergency personnel and members of the public on all incidents you attend.

Important Information

You receive a printed Course Certificate on successful completion of the course.

Group training is available for 10 or more persons.

Group Training Booking Process

  • Send us an enquiry with your training numbers, venue, catering needs etc.
  • We send you a quote based on your specs.
  • Once you are happy, the training is booked.

Group Booking Discounts are available.

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Any person, professional or volunteer, performing any one of these functions on a wildfire or
    prescribed fire:
    »» firefighting duties
    »» leadership
    »» mop up, monitoring, patrolling
    »» scouting, driving
    »» logistical or incident support of any kind
  • The course is also very much aimed at landowners who may encounter wildfire on their property
    or neighbouring properties.
  • Any person who may come into contact with wildfire in the course of their work i.e. game rangers,
    outdoor consultants, conservation workers etc.