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Course Description

Vulcan Training offers ICS courses which are locally relevant and of a high standard. Your training experience from start to finish is professional, hassle free and rewarding. Vulcan Training is endorsed by South African ICS, providing training based on the United States – Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ICS courses.

ICS I-100 provides a background and history of ICS and discusses why the use of a standardised management system has been adopted worldwide. This course also covers the features, principles and organisational hierarchy of ICS explaining why it is so beneficial in a Southern African context.

Course Modules:
The ICS 100 course is broken into an introductory Module, 6 learning Modules, and a final exam.

  • Course Introduction 
  • Module 1: Overview of the Incident Command System
  • Module 2: ICS Features and Principles
  • Module 3: Incident Command and Command Staff Functions
  • Module 4: General Staff Functions
  • Module 5: Unified Command
  • Module 6: It is up to you to make ICS work
  • Final Examination and Course Conclusion

Course Outcomes

The goals for this ICS 100 course, is for you to be:

  1. Able to demonstrate basic knowledge of the incident command system.
  2. Prepared to coordinate with response partners from all levels of government and the private sector.

This course is designed to provide overall incident management skills rather than tactical expertise. Additional courses are available on developing and implementing incident tactics. At the completion of this course, you should be familiar with:

  1. ICS applications.
  2. ICS organisational principles and elements.
  3. ICS positions and responsibilities.
  4. ICS facilities and functions.
  5. ICS planning.

Important Information

The ICS 100 Online Course has various Training Course Plans – Select the one which matches your needs and budget.

You recieve a digital Course Certificate as a PDF on succesful completion of the course. (Not applicable for the Blue Training Course Plan).

Who is the course aimed at:
This course provides the solid foundation which you require for any higher learning in ICS. If you are going to be a supervisor or a resource at an incident ICS I-100 and I-200 will be highly beneficial for you. You will benefit from the management and leadership tools necessary to operate efficiently during a smaller incident. The course is aimed at:

  • All emergency response personnel and supervisors.
  • Landowners who are exposed to incidents on their property or surrounds.
  • Neighbourhood security groups.
  • Community Leaders.
  • Oil and Gas Industry, Mining Industry etc.
  • Event Organisers.
  • Companies’ Health and Safety Staff.
  • Anyone who may be involved in the management of any kind of incident or event, of any size, complexity or duration.
  • Anyone who will respond to an incident using ICS.

ICS 100 Online Training Course Plans