Incident Command System
– Simulation Training


Customised Training.
Sessions can be planned for hours or take place over days.


Exercises and Simulations
Vulcan Trainers observe and provide feedback to help each participant improve or build confidence based on a review of their actions.
Group briefings as well as on an individual feedback is provided.


ICS 100, ICS 200
ICS 300 (Recommended)
ICS Position Specific Training (Recommended)


An optimum solution will be discussed with you to meet your training needs.

Course Description

Simulation training allows you to put into practice what you have learned on ICS training courses as well as keep you current and ready for incidents which you may face. Simulations are a very good form of refresher and readiness training. They are aimed at developing competencies and skill sets so that staff can fulfil roles with efficiency. Having staff members go through scenario simulation training together will provide a safe place to build capacity, fix mistakes (especially in processes) and allow for team building to take place.

Vulcan Training can customise the type/kind of incident based on your requirements. The complexity of the scenario can also be customised based on the experience level of the participants. Simulation training at an Inter-Agency level is also highly encouraged to develop and enhance mutual co-operation and effective ways of working together.

Course Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

  • Practical understanding of how ICS is applied and works in the field.
  • Refresher of ICS fundamentals and supervisory roles within ICS.
  • An enhanced ability to apply ICS to real incidents when they occur.

Important Information

You receive a training Attendance Certificate.

Group training is available for 10 or more persons.

Group Training Booking Process

  • Send us an enquiry with your training numbers, venue, catering needs etc.
  • We send you a quote based on your specs.
  • Once you are happy, the training is booked.

Group Booking Discounts are available.


Who is the course aimed at:

  • ICS simulation for small incidents – Anyone who’s completed ICS I-100 and I-200 training.
  • ICS simulation for expanding, large incidents – Anyone who’s completed ICS I-300 training.
  • The training is very beneficial for:
    Wildland Firefighters, Municipal/Metro Firefighters, Emergency Medical Services, Traffic Incident Management & Safety personnel, Large landowners who may face incidents on their property, All community leaders, staff and emergency services responding to any type of community incident, Oil and Gas Industry, Environmental services staff, law enforcement, event planners etc.