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Incident Management Training

Our training importantly plots a knowledge development pathway which enhances readiness, response, management, and recovery from any type of situation. It’s important that training remains accessible and is not limited to a once off course.

Wildfire Training

Our training team are students of wildfire, constantly learning and sharing their knowledge to adapt the the current and future fire environment. Climate change and the growth of populations into fire prone areas demand excellence in training and approach to wildfires.

The Best In Training

We bring decades of emergency management, wildfire, and disaster situation experience into your training. Our online academy gives you access to our expertly crafted online courses supported by subject matter facilitators who guide you through your knowledge development pathway.

Our Values

Lead. Mentor. Be Mentored

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Togetherness & Individualism Both Matter

Learning Is an Adventure Without a Destination

Incident Management Training COurses

Courses are designed as building blocks. Basic and Intermediate training are pre-requisites to progress to Advanced Position training.

Knowledge is made accessible to clients through:

  • The Vulcan Training Online Academy. Access to online training courses and content.

  • We take a blended learning approach where online studies are supported by interaction virtually with facilitators and other trainees in group sessions.


  • We stress test people and systems with simulation training exercises. These can be done remotely in some instances, however we also create in-person training opportunities to identify progress or gaps which can be addressed before they become problematic in real life.


  • Risk management, consulting services, and in-person training are options which are also explored based on a client’s needs.

Incident Management Training

No matter the type or size of the crisis situation, our Incident Management System training offers you all the tools and systems you need to step from normality to crisis without stumbling.

Incident Management Fundamentals


Introduction & Fundamentals

*Online @ R1200 excl.VAT

– Fresh content designed and presented in logical format for ease of adoption. 


Essential Systems & Oversight Functions

*Online @ R1800 excl.VAT 

– Fresh content designed and presented in logical format for ease of adoption.

–  Student Exercise Workbook


(I-300-Intermediate) Implementation & Management

*Blended Learning @ R3850 excl.VAT 

– Fresh content designed and presented in logical format for ease of adoption.

– Live Interactive Workshops with Facilitator

–  Facilitator Support (Live + Email)

  *Rates apply to African Continent

Incident Management ADVANCED

(I-400 Advanced)
Managing Complexity: Command & General Staff

Task Force | Strike Team Leader

Initial Attack Incident Commander ICT5

Division Group Supervisor

Public Information Officer

Other Advanced Training Courses On Request

Incident Management SIMULaTIONS

Training staff who are involved in incident planning and management is fundamental to an organisation’s ability to handle any type of emergency or incident.

Simulation training tests procedures as well as make people feel more comfortable in their roles and builds morale.

A real benefit of simulation training is that it simulates a high pressure environment without the real life stress and consequences if something goes wrong.

Vulcan Training offer various types of simulation based exercises (SBE’s). They can be done virtually amongst an Incident Management Team, or we can conduct field exercises involving operational resources or sand table SBE’s at a location convenient for you.

Wildfire Training

– Basic Wildfire Suppression
– Fireline Safety Training
– Wildfire Crew Leadership
– Wildfire Behaviour, Strategy and Tactics
– Strike Team | Task Force Leader (Wildfire)
– Division | Group Supervisor (Wildfire)

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Training Venue

We are located in Cape Town, South Africa. Our training is facilitated in different ways. We have an Online Academy, we set up virtual meetings and we train in person. In-person training will be arranged at a venue or location in your area.

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